A void that would stay with me

Story By: Anonymous

I guess I also found my way. A few years back my mother very casually told me that I’m adopted. I was small, very small to register any of that information. And I moved on with my usual life. However, that word “adoption” stayed on the back of my mind for a long time. As I was growing up, my curiosity with that piece of information began overweighing my thoughts. So one fine day, I asked my mother that why did she adopt me and most importantly how did she adopt me?

Without diluting the information, she came upfront and very boldly told me my truth. She told me that I was born a “girl”. And the family I was born into didn’t expect to have another girl child in the family. Hence, they decided to throw me in a stack or a gutter and efface my existence.

However my existence has a bigger meaning than just being born a “girl child”. And that’s when a common friend of my parents and the family I was born into suggested that maybe I’m extra for them but there’s a childless couple who’s ready to accept me wholeheartedly.

Yes, and that’s how my parents adopted me within an hour of my birth. And they accepted me, a nothing for my so called creators because, for them I was the answer to their prayers. I believe my parents are my real parents who raised me rather than just create me.

They’ve raised me, loved me, held my hand, and wiped my tears, like every other parent would do.

However, the fact remains that I’m adopted. And I’ve seen a lot in life and a lot is yet to be seen. Probably I was too young to realize any of it, but the word “adoption” never came in between me and my parents and it never will.

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