A letter to the budding narcissist in me

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Story By: Antra Dasgupta

Dear me,

I’ve been with you in your thick and thin. And I’ve seen it all. And you’ve indeed seen in profusion. Today when I’m writing to you, it takes me back to the early stage of your life.

As a child you ‘were vulnerable and hyper-sensitive. You had an addictive pattern of feelings which were always very enormous. However, you never articulated your feelings well. Your feelings were buried inside. And those confined feelings made you the person you are today.

However, nothing in the world could take away your sensitivity towards others from you. You've always been compassionate, sympathetic and sensitive towards others. How I wish back then you could understand the quote which says “your own cup has to be full to runneth over”. You’re the person who cried for days for the child in your neighborhood who was going through a surgery and kept quiet for years about your own anxiety and tremors and suffered silently.

Today as an embryonic adult, you’ve indeed understood the importance of loving oneself. There’s no harm in putting your needs before anybody else's. As that is how we can serve better. As Maya Angelou says “Do not believe if a naked person offers you a shirt”. Profound.

It took you all these years to understand this very fact of loving yourself. You finally understood, at least started comprehending that you are accountable for your own happiness. You’re beautiful, bold and outspoken which doesn’t need anybody’s approval.

When you see a girl standing at the red light selling roses, you look deep into her eyes to find your own reflection, and that makes you even more beautiful. As your therapist says “you’ve the ability to feel for others”. I too believe so.

However, these little changes in perceptions are just the beginning to love and embrace your own self completely. There’s still a long way to go…

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