The lives of students today is replete with issues like Mental Health, Sexual Abuse, Drug Abuse, Body shaming Problems, homophobia and much more. Even though our lifestyle is rapidly changing and progressing, our social system and education system is not. This makes it all the more important to equip our students so that they are not only able to acknowledge their own issues but also create more and more safe and non judgmental places for their peers.

This program will do just that. Curated by Humans of Safe Places, Empathy Ambassadors is a program that aims to empower young individuals to break stigmas and initiate conversations around the most pressing issues of our times.

As part of the program, a cohort of selected individuals would be provided empathy training and stigma awareness workshops along with other resources for a period of 5 months.

Our Empathy Partner, Compassionate Clowns, started in 2014, is a bunch of people who love clowning around in hospital to spread joy in the lives of others. Clowning could involve just making merry, being silly, singing goofy songs, dancing around, shaping animals with balloons, and so on. They use humor to spread cheerfulness and has proven to have therapeutic effects.

With a base of 400 active volunteers, it is currently active in 5 cities and 10 centers across the country. Their founder Harish Bhuvan is a Guinness Book of World Record Holder in POCSO training for children, 2 times TEDx Speaker, master trainer for POSH, Life skills, Clowning, and Storytelling. He is also a counselor, coach, clown, and consultant and has conducted over 5000 workshops in schools, colleges, and corporate spaces.


If you have any queries please feel free to contact us at community@humansofsafeplaces.org


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